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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : Alice 【2020号】

Age 年龄 : 26 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36F

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Novena 诺维娜

$200/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ

8591 1839

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2020-10-22 02:42Alice go La La Says:
Fr kept it sht most guys had comment true as stated.
sweetie opened the do, I was mesmerised by her from strong fragrance of her hair as she had just washed up her hair. Told to wait as she need to dry her hair ,I sat on the sofa looking at her sexy body and the hot air from the blower rising her hair from her face is astonishingly beautiful little youthful girl.
After I carried her the room. Proceed to our washing and to the bed, usual service start by her. She venture down to my abdominals, begin her excercise. It seems her mouth prep skills had improve since last week. While she was sucking with tight suction moaning away. The sound seems like my tasty dick is delicacy to her savoury gland. Woah I am straying my minds away as intense excitation almost enough to erupt the my volcano. By wits, I say I wish to be in stand pos. She nodded and kneel in front of me, service my O’ hard on. My turn to service her, I lick her two grapes with pleasure she close her eyes half lid and eye balls nearly white out and rolled back. I spent sum time suckling like a baby and she almost lost her patience in a shift of her arm to signal me faster.. I felt reluctant and she make second time servicing my dick and I came of an idea. We do 69, in split minutes ,lit bro wake up. Do her two position , missionary and doggy. Later she complaints of pain as our fucking getting intense saying my Didi is hurting her . I was shocked as I wanted to however I did something out of her expected which I plugged out of her pussy and in a swipe laying down and say” wank me baby”. She gently took out my wn condom and use wet wipe to wipe away the lubricants on my dick. She continue servicing me and giving me hj.After couple of mins I carried her up and we kiss PASSIONATELY. She is a fine kisser which I usually Listerine mouthwash befe initiate kissing. Her charm is amazing my dick hardened on the spot. She bring me to washing f cleansing my rod given me a gentle baby bath like a Mother. Her look is superb cute and charming, washes my hard semi 85% hard dick with care almost had the urge to fuck her on spot already. I strayed my mind off her and look down. Washed her breasts B size and pussy throughly as she just rinsed herself. As startup, we hugged each other and face to face sudden she make first move to kiss me. We had a good kiss french and tongue fight f some good time breathless. Till I speak softly that I service her first but she give me a sweet smile and service me instead what awesome girl. Non stop action from beginning, she gave wonder Bbbj woah man one of the best head ever ever had. Try her to know the best bbbj of your life. She do multiple times of deep throating, vacuum suction with gentle smacking sound from her sweet little mouth. My dick now is 100% solid state harder ever in struggling erggghhh....hmmmm.....arghhh......endure PLEASE!!!! To my little Brother which is getting hotter and hotter. just look at my shiny being glistened by her polishing and nurturing. her blowjob is not vigous suck any. Until I cannot any further nearly to the b point. I surrender and praise her hardwking efft makes me very enjoyable. Quickly I capped on and in my best state awakening little Brother and drilled her wet pussy. Do 3 pos 1)on TOP with her leg widen open 2)on TOP with her leg close grab with both arms 3) doggystyle - beautiful sights of her slim waist, smooth white back and sexy ass to die f. Her look surely blown your brains off if you not careful hahaha. Lucky O praise me I managed to endure and excel through her arduous journey in her tight pussy. My body sheen with lightly sweat and her moaning sound inspiration of my marvelous heroic act. she about to come and feel tight grip to my cock and watery below. I almost cannot continue further and give my shot mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmm and sent my little Brother back deeply “home” and I just stayed in that position f little duration shocked surprise I still in hard state but softened pulling out.
2020-10-22 02:21Stywriter Says:
你你的服务鼎夸夸的。身材丰满,奶头敏感, 趴趴很多水,找他不会给你失望
2020-10-18 15:40DPower Says:
约了他,真人很漂亮哦。下雨天冒着寒风见了妹妹人好白,心变暧和。胸好摸,脱了衣就抱起她去冲凉. 在床上很配和,服务好,吸得我欲仙欲死,快被妹吹爆马上喊停。轮到我,舌吻,亲嘴,闻妹的腋下好骚鼻,粉嫩嫩奶头,大家有口福无毛小赤鲍粉嫩的,鲍无毛干净无味舔到妹震下下,站立口,69 做了, 天气冷採用一个姿式将近百下,做爱舒服,最后20下快速让妹妹发出旋美的呻吟.妹妹快回想约要快别说没讲,后悔没早约.
2020-10-15 07:12 Says:
2020-10-11 16:07张哥 Says:
我没约过她,为什么我的记录不好? 请帮我查,谢谢。手机号码92202036.
2020-10-20 21:06SYHHHHH Says:
Told by who? The giril?
2020-10-11 15:23JT Says:
Hi, I was told I have bad recd. I have not done anything bad against any lady. Please clarify with Alice f me. Thanks. 92202036.
2020-10-06 19:07Garfield Says:
- 一定要拍打她的屁股
- 抽送得不易乐呼很快被她的声音和带动摆平
- 到最后我一时把我最后万兵队射进袋袋里,觉昏旋倒下压在她身上,舒服极
- 之后我把头躺在她的大奶边看她的乳头说话……
2020-10-02 03:10g h Says:
2020-09-28 23:50粉丝 Says:
2020-10-01 00:56xd Says:
2020-09-28 02:00j h g g Says:
2020-09-28 01:55爱了 Says:
2020-09-20 05:45青椒 Says:
2020-09-25 23:47CaoNiMa Says:
Hi I like to know me thanks
2020-09-15 04:40 Says:
2020-09-22 05:52波密岗先生 Says:
如果她不约就别勉强, 我揸过比她还大的奶咯
2020-09-20 05:46青椒 Says:
2020-09-13 18:30王一博 Says:
2020-09-10 21:11liam Says:
Alice真的很好看 绝对是这儿最好的了 口的很舒服叫的很爽 F杯脚都软了 下次还找她
2020-09-08 19:29小弟 Says:
人红是非多,comments are all genuine and real. She\s hny, very hny and keep want me to spank her 骚逼.. She will call me 老公 in action and the feeling is just so great that I immersed and addicted to it. Its very hard to find a pretty girl with big boobs, long blowjob, won\t complain, and no rush. Overall wld class service.
2020-09-06 22:24101 Says:
2020-08-30 11:30爱了 Says:
脸 9/10 - 小脸大眼,眼睛很美,明星脸
奶 10/10 - 36 F ,大、一只手抓不住,手感很棒
翘臀 12/10 - 最喜欢她的屁股,紧实,翘,嫩、练过的蜜桃臀
身材 8/10 蜂腰肥臀 喜骨感者绕行
口活 10/10 口技一流,软软的舌头有魔力
舌吻 10/10 她说她很颜值控 舌吻要看脸和卫生
服务 12/10 感觉太好了,亲切自然,像热恋的女友
环境 9/10 很好,私密整洁
2020-08-29 15:00jl Says:
2020-08-27 18:25傻子 Says:
样貌: 8/10 确实很漂亮 皮肤: 7.5/10 柔滑白昔
咪咪: 8.5/10 F杯吊钟奶,手感很棒
身材: 8.5/10 前凸后翘
啪啪: 8.5/10 很紧很敏感
口活: 9/10
服务非常棒 亲吻: 小亲嘴
服务态度:9/10超棒,友感: 9/10,很聊得来
回头 : Yes
2020-08-25 23:56Again Says:
2020-08-25 23:05爱粉 Says:
Great girl, wthy of love
2020-08-24 20:24™蓝天白云 Says:
FR f Alice

Looks – 8/10
Boobs – F soft and natural, she love me squeeze it and lick it.
Figure – 7/10 sexy curves and lovely ass.
Bbbj – 10/10 she will please you and give your a unfgetable BBBJ.
AR – I dont like it
Painting – yes! I love to paint her. she will give you the moan sound.
Fj – 10/10 It seems like she is really enjoying sex, ask me to hit her butt, grab and squeeze, furtherme she also like to be banged hard.
Attitude – 10/10
Service – 10/10
RTF – definitely
Location – East
2020-08-24 00:32默默 Says:
2020-08-22 14:55默默 Says:
2020-08-22 13:54萧萨王子 Says:
This gal too arrogant most guys igne her.
2020-08-22 09:28 Says:
Amazing experience with this gem. One of the very rare kind you could find now. I’ve tried a lot. And I would say I have really high expectations. In the past sgwolf is still available, there are comparable ones. But now I would say no,There isn’t anyme. With the combination of such ggeous looks, amazing figure and fantastic skills. Befe I carry on. I need to emphasize. By fantastic skills I really mean it. Don’t wanna go details. You go try you know alr. Mate, you might be able to find others with one two of the combinations. But I’m damn sure you won’t find another with the three combination I’ve mentioned.

Side note, I know how it feels like you go and the girl disappoints you so bad. So I’m in your(whoever that’s reading) shoe I typed this review. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate! She’s really hard to book this days. no need I say obviously is Cz famous f being good. If you give it a miss, I would say you’re losing out bro.
2020-08-19 01:57几把 Says:
2020-08-18 18:50阿斯顿 Says:
可以玩sm么 丝袜调教
2020-08-18 17:50 Says:
Amazing experience with this gem. One of the very rare kind you could find now. I’ve tried a lot. And I would say I have really high expectations. In the past sgwolf is still available, there are comparable ones. But now I would say no,There isn’t anyme. With the combination of such ggeous looks, amazing figure and fantastic skills. Befe I carry on. I need to emphasize. By fantastic skills I really mean it. Don’t wanna go details. You go try you know alr. Mate, you might be able to find others with one two of the combinations. But I’m damn sure you won’t find another with the three combination I’ve mentioned.

Side note, I know how it feels like you go and the girl disappoints you so bad. So I’m in your(whoever that’s reading) shoe I typed this review. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate! She’s really hard to book this days. no need I say obviously is Cz famous f being good. If you give it a miss, I would say you’re losing out bro.
2020-08-15 02:37ab Says:
2020-08-25 00:04dongshihui Says:
6643 6479 / 6354 4078
Block 858 Yishun Avenue 4
#05-95 Singape 760858
2020-08-14 20:31米老板 Says:
Hot milf with tatts, very nice figure and soft boobs. Had an awesome fuck.
Definitely rtf material
2020-08-12 02:057878 Says:
2020-08-19 01:28先生 Says:
2020-08-12 02:01哈哈笑 Says:
2020-08-11 21:46大象 Says:
Alice is really pretty upon opening the do she look stunning. I’m so lucky that I manage to book her.
She has hot sexy body with very huge boobs, upon coming in she help me shower and tease me felt really good.
You couldn’t believe how was the session was with slow teasing with at this point I really can’t make it but I manage to hold till the FJ begin. it begin wew within a few min i almost couldn’t hold it and the way she moan really turn me on.
Face 10/10
BJ 10/10
FJ 20/10
Will rtm her ever I got the chance this gem
2020-08-14 15:27小马哥 Says:
Really ? FR write until like she can fly....
2020-08-13 15:40F Says:
she is very pretty
2020-08-12 20:36狼人 Says:
Real person pretty?
2020-08-10 12:20Boob appraisal dude Says:
他的奶是F还是D me like big cup D to small E. Base on my breast experience
2020-08-08 20:24小不点 Says:
2020-08-07 23:17yyf Says:
alice 姐姐怎么不回短信的, 麻烦管理员帮忙一下
2020-08-09 22:38Skip her Says:
Dun bother her wasted time only
2020-07-31 14:15年轻人 Says:
2020-07-27 22:44海哥 Says:
2020-07-27 17:42GGININDER Says:
2020-07-27 15:45海哥 Says:
口活: 10/10
胸:10/10 如果可以胸推肯定爽歪歪
2020-07-27 02:58 Says:
Best of the best, with trust, she is almost good at every section of the program. Its been so Long since I last had a good Sex.

As f the side dish, the timing, quantity and quality is damn bloody good. I’ve been out playing f awhile. Usually all you get is bathe lay down on bed and she suck your dick and Missionary. That’s usually. F her
After you come out from the toilet wet. She’ll dry you. Maybe depends on your luck if she sucks your dick at the toilet do after whipping you dry. But she did f me.
After a bit of the above mentioned she’ll give you passionate hugs while you grope her ass and give her kisses on her neck and ear.
Right after, you know what to go bros. She loves being eaten out. Eat her well and you’ll get the beast out of her.
Some parts I don’t need to say like you on the bed laying and she’ll suck your dick.
Okay that’s some things you can expect.

F main dish, missionary. She will fk with you passionately like you’re the boyfriend. Bruh, damn good. Some things she like. Touch her clit you fk her. It makes her high. And one very good point. She kinda likes it rough a bit f what I feel. Listen carefully it’s a bit. Treat her well and you’ll get all out of her. Lastly again. With trust bros. She is good af. I rarely write comments. So I write it’s really good.
2020-07-26 20:26听海 Says:
身材 10/10特别是那练过的蜜桃臀,F奶,简直了
态度 服务态度特好,放得开我特别喜欢
FJ 不可多说,自己去领悟吧!绝对让你流连忘返
2020-07-26 03:49色狼 Says:
2020-07-26 01:29Yagami90 Says:
Book her f 12am slot today. One of the best jems i ever had in my life. The description given about her beauty and figure are accurate. Will rtf definitely, especially since good girls are hard to find nowadays. :)
2020-07-25 21:46笨小孩 Says:
2020-07-20 23:10sglilboy Says:
Sex-tifiying visit to Alice today. Lusty busy lady with service to please if you treat her well.
She likes to be be fucked hard & spank. Totally pn like experience with her.
Will definitely RTF!
2020-07-23 19:06HairyChestMan Says:
LoveFinder...suggest u try other girls 1st and ask these girls to leave u a good comment to their girls FR.....once Alice sees ur recd she will accept ur bookings....cheers!! No recd No Alice simple as tat....
2020-07-21 21:17LoveFinder Says:
Bro how u date her? She don\t reply my messages
2020-07-20 17:45Lee Says:
She is a Cock sucking devil\s
2020-07-20 07:41小刚 Says:

2020-07-19 16:25Lover Says:
2020-07-19 16:21Brandon Says:
2020-07-19 13:10fans Says:
She likes being slightly abused, spanking, grabbing her breasts, being raped and conquered. With a beautiful face, she is very lewd and fascinates men.
2020-07-12 19:14干Alice Says:
2020-07-12 05:54Franice Says:
If you looking f the CIM strong suction she is the one
2020-07-11 00:04scoundrel Says:
If you have a good recd, congratulations on spending a super erotic and passionate hour with her, which is wth looking fward to!
2020-07-04 00:10Jpy Says:
Spent an hour with her.
She is M. Quite crazy metamphosis.

2020-07-02 01:33男神 Says:
2020-07-01 23:161 Says:
2020-07-01 14:30Potato head Says:
Pretty good, quite rare find in this website.
2020-07-01 03:35andy Says:
got contact and sms not reply
2020-07-04 01:53andy Says:
This is the first time i book her, why say my recds no good
2020-06-30 19:02安哥 Says:
2020-06-28 22:02安哥 Says:
安哥 Says:
战报 FR f Alice LOOK样貌: 8/10 确实很漂亮 SKIN皮肤:7.5/10 柔滑白昔 AGE年纪: 8/10 年轻, BOOBS咪咪: 8.5/10 F杯吊钟奶,手感很棒 BODY身材: 8.5/10 前凸后翘 FJ啪啪: 8.5/10 很紧很敏感 BJ口活: 9/10 服务非常棒 FRENCH亲吻: 小亲嘴而已 SERVICE服务态度:9/10超棒,骚 GFE女友感: 9/10,很聊得来 RETURN回头:会
2020-06-28 16:17哥哥 Says:
Nice figure, pretty face, service top notch
2020-06-27 08:01杰哥 Says:
Alice 真的太漂亮了
脸 10/10 - Face . Damn pretty OMG
奶 12/10 - Boobs . Natural 36 F OMG
翘臀 9/10 - Nicer perky buttock
身材 12/10 Body - a little bit meaty
口活 8/10 BBBJ
毒龙 7/10 Ass Rimming
舌吻 5/10 French
服务 7/10 Service
可遇不可求的绝世好奶。All boobs lover must gogogo .
2020-06-27 03:18ckng6613 Says:

Face : Pretty 轻熟女 ,够靓,够骚 10/10

Boobs : 赞
2020-06-26 15:43ckng Says:
FR f Alice
第一次约 Alice 的战报
日期 :2020 年 6 月 25 日
时间 :11.30 am - 1 pm
(90 mins)

2020-06-26 13:30john Says:
2020-07-11 00:40book Says:
2020-06-25 20:23ckng Says:
Age : 25-28

Face : Pretty 轻熟女 ,够靓,够骚

Boobs : 赞
2020-06-25 20:17kingofwolves Says:
Alice is a beautiful a feminine lady I believed is in her late 20s to early 30s, with beautiful long hair, nice boobs and really cute bubble butts. Location is easy to find, and her room is clean and cosy. She is from Nth-Eastern China, and like most ladies from this area, has fair and smooth skins.

We started with some chit chat, after a shower, we moved on to action.

I like to eat pussy and so we started with 69. I spread her pussy and it is all pink inside. I pulled her G-String to one side, squeezed her butts cheeks open, shake those cheeks with my hands, and licked her as she moaned and shallowed by dick.

She got really wet and as she is very aroused, her pussy seemed to spread wider and all the internal meat of the pussy is swelling. She couldn’t take it anyme so she asked me to be on top and fxxk her.

She is rather foxy, as I fxxk her, she kept moaning and made me want to fxxk her harder. I kept eating her soft pink nipples and squeezing her breasts which are bouncy and nice to fondle (I estimated about E Cups to F Cups with my experience; I chose her because I seldom go to those with anything lesser than F cup, and I find her boobs size quite ok and satisfying).

Not fgetting her cute bubble butts in her black G-String (yes, she still keeping it on which is a turn-on), so I doggied her with the G-String on her butt as I fxxk her real hard.

I got a little bit tired, as I am long-lasting like that. Still could not cum. So I asked her to blow me again. She proceeded to blow me as I rest a little. After having recharged myself with her blowjob, I moved on to fxxk her the second round.

I am long-lasting like that and after the second round I still could not cum. I lay on the bed. She gave me a footjob. After that she spread her legs wide open, literally spreadeagle and masturbate in front of me. Didn’t know she is flexible like that. She licked her fingers and wet her pussy with those fingers.

I could see those pink meat swelling inside her pussy again and white juice is dripping. A fxxking seducing and arousing scene, I couldn’t help but want to fxxk her pussy deep with my cock. So I got up and thrusted my dick violently deep inside her. She also squeezed her boobs together f me to suck her nipples. keep eating her nipples and squeezing her breasts, I got really turned on, couldn’t hold it anyme and I cummed hard her pussy.

After the session, I tipped her as I believed it is only fair. Good service deserved to be paid me. Overall, I am satisfied given that she is so fxxking feminine and foxy (80% same as video and photo). I mean, it is hard to find a Chinese lady who have both boobs and butts. Most Chinese ladies, in my decades of experience womanizing, seldom have nice, round, bouncy butts. Hers is one nice fire cute bouncy butt, although not extremely big, but just as sexy especially with those G-String on, and deserved to be fxxked.
2020-07-29 13:48PaidtoWrite Says:
clearly can tell from all the f letter.
2020-07-19 18:29Guest Says:
Nice sty(sarcastic) People want FR not your father/mother sties.
2020-06-25 01:45LG Says:
2020-06-24 21:38Bob Says:

If there are fake photos or bad service, Leave your phone number or wechat ID for us to verify

如果有假照片 或者 服务不好的地方 您可以留下手机号码或微信号方便我们核实